A Huge sacrococcygeal teratoma with intrauterine death normal delivery on 26th of july 2019 at 1 am. It was prediagnosed in USG detected at 26 weeks in Hanumangarh .Pt came to the hospital as unbooked pt. She was advised for LSCS somewhere else but they wanted ND so   She was induced in the afternoon and delivered normally at 1 AM.

Deformed Fetus With Fusion of Lower limbs,one single centrally placed eye with absence of nose deliverd 14/08/2016 at ghiya hospital gestational 18 weeks. 
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Huge Uterus Specimen, Operated inGhiya Hospital 22 August 2016.
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Male child with Recto-urinary fistula delivered on 04/09/2016. stool and urine discharge simultaneously from one very small opening.