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Chubby Baby Born with Sigerian

25th July 2018

Kids are the gift of Gods and bringing those babies into the world with gentleness and care is what aimed by Ghiya hospital, Jaipur. A normal baby weights up to 3.5 kg but what if the baby is more than that, which increases the complication for the baby and mother but in this case, experts were handling the case and took care of the case gently.

On 12th July 2018 morning, a very chubby baby is born with the weight of 4.5 kg at Ghiya hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The parents, Mrs. Puspa and Mr. Pawan Kumar are from Sujangarh, Tehsil, Choru District of Jaipur city. the mother was admitted two days before the delivery and understanding the condition Doctor Shaka Gupta suggested for sigerian. The family is very happy with the birth of the child as both the baby and mother are safe and healthy with the grace of doctor’s efforts.

Due to the weight of the baby Doctor Shaka Gupta, who was looking after the mother’s condition from starting and suggested to have a baby with sigerian as normal delivery may be difficult for baby and mother both. In order to have the baby and mother safe, Dr. Supriya Ghiya, MBBS & MS holder, the top surgeon in Jaipur with her team of NS certified and nurses conducted the whole process of delivery. With all happiness, the baby was born with a weight of 4

2nd September 2016

Huge uterus specimen, operated on 22 august 16

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2nd September 2016

Deformed fetus with fusion of lower limbs, one single centrally placed eye with absence of nose delivered today at my hospital, gestation 18 wks

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10th January 2014

Baby born on 10th Januray in Ghiya hospital, was a different case as the entire development of the fetus was done outside the womb. Dr. Supriya Ghiya who handled the case told that while doing the c-section she found that the baby was developed outside the womb. Besides this during pregnancy, baby’s development was going on in the right ovary and both Fallopian tubes on both the sides were normal. Adding more to it Dr Supriya Ghiya claimed that this type of example would have not been registered anywhere in the world. Mother and child, both are in good health.

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