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Birth weight (4.25 KG) baby born at Ghiya Hospital

25th August 2021

Again normal delivery of 4.25 kg baby. Patient name Nishtha Manwani Address 12/215 malviya nagar jaipur. Feed back – are very thankful to Dr. Supriya Ghiya for her efforts in successful normal delivery of baby weight 4.25 kg.

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4th June 2021

Highest birth weight among all babies born at Ghiya Hospital, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur on 4th June 2021, Weight – 5 Kilogram, Patient is non-diabetic. Baby Healthy.

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27th November 2019

Huge fibroid Myomectomy done on 27th November 2019 in previous LSCS Patient Ist picture is preoperative 30 weeks size. Weight is 2.5 Kilogram Size 25 ×20 cms.

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27th July 2019

A Huge sacrococcygeal teratoma with intrauterine death normal delivery today at 1 am. It was pre-diagnosed in USG detected at 26 weeks in Hanumangarh. Patient came to the hospital as unbooked pt. She was advised for LSCS somewhere else but they wanted ND so   She was induced in the afternoon and delivered normally at 1 AM.

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